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Delivering quality translations to a deadline is the key challenge for translators. The recent explosion in digital content and new emerging industries has further added to this challenge and savvy translators like you are exploring new solutions, such as computer assisted translation (CAT) tools, to meet your increasing demands.
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One translation environment is all you need

SDL Trados Studio Freelance is a CAT tool that gives translators everything you need to effectively manage large volumes of multilingual content, so you can continue to focus on delivering quality translations on time.

What is SDL Trados Studio Freelance?

SDL Trados Studio Freelance is a desktop software application and includes many innovative technologies that help you deliver quality translations fast in one easy to use translation environment.

  • Translation memory : A linguistic database that captures your translations as you work so you never have to translate the same sentence twice. And you can create as many translation memories (TMs) are you like.
  • Terminology management : SDL MultiTerm provides a searchable database containing lists of terms and associated term data ensuring consistency throughout your translation.
  • Machine translation : Access to SDL Language Cloud offers secure translations from industry-specific trained engines.
  • SDL AppStore : The first CAT tool app store that enables translators to extend the functionality of SDL Trados Studio.
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Why SDL Trados Studio?

Deliver projects faster with innovative features, like AutoSuggest for predictive typing and Language Cloud's secure, high-quality machine translation.
Work with any file type - anything from Microsoft Word to sophisticated formats like Adobe InDesign - and receive jobs from anyone.
Accelerate your translation projects thanks to maximum reuse of previous work through powerful translation memory technology.

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