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SDL Studio GroupShare

SDL Studio GroupShare

GroupShare 2017 is coming soon - effective teamwork, made easier

Do more with your existing translation resources

Studio GroupShare 2015 is a server-based solution to centralize and share translation assets, such as translation memories, termbases and project files.

Studio GroupShare helps facilitate workflows between project managers, translators, reviewers and clients using the web or your own secure cloud.

Watch the three-minute introductory video.

Managing assets centrally supports increased resource efficiencies, improves security, simplifies workflows and enhances data protection; customer service will improve too, as Studio GroupShare makes it possible to raise quality levels for every project.
  • Enable your translators to focus on translating rather than file handling
  • Minimizing project administration overhead, eliminate miscommunication and avoid time-consuming errors and oversights
  • Improve consistency and quality through centralized terminology
  • Support the splitting of jobs across distributed locations and work 24/7 across time zones
  • View project status easily.

Studio GroupShare 2015 just got even better with Service Release 1!

Studio GroupShare 2015 Service Release 1 (SR1) is now available. With a number of performance and stability updates, Studio GroupShare 2015 SR1 offers an unrivalled experience for translation teams of any size looking to centrally manage translation projects and resources. Learn more by reading our KnowledgeBase article.

Increase efficiencies

Improve margin and increase profit by centralizing linguistic assets. Studio GroupShare enables you to:

  • To track each resource and reduce the project overheads by assigning tasks with automatic notification
  • Access information, such as project information, translation memoriesandtermbases in real-time so that the latest updates are available immediately
  • Eliminate costly mistakes, such as working on the wrong file, reduce the time taken in search and document retrieval and automate version control.

Video: Improve translation productivity

Watch a demonstration video to see how Studio GroupShare 2015 significantly reduces the number of manual steps involved in the translation process through centralization, sharing and workflow control.

Ensure security control and data protection

Studio GroupShare enables controlled access to your translation assets and protection of your client’s intellectual property.

  • Implement access rights at different levels and allocate them to individual resources wherever they are located
  • Protect against loss of assets due to computer failure or information leak using secure data transfer protocols
  • Manage security and data protection across complex workflows.

Video: Increase data security

See how Studio GroupShare 2015 helps protect your data by providing fully customizable role based access to secure and centralized translation assets.

Improve customer satisfaction

Achieve consistent quality across all your jobs by ensuring that the correct translation memories and client terminology has been distributed and applied. Studio GroupShare provides the capability to:

  • Centralize and share not only linguistic assets and files, but also the project settings and associated quality assurance rules
  • Project managers can feel confident of adherence to quality measures across all resources
  • Implement server-solution to drive quality initiatives and enforce consistent processes to ensure you keep your customers satisfied.

Video: Improved translation quality

See how real-time access to centrally managed projects, QA settings, translation memories and terminology helps to maintain quality and improve consistency at every stage of the translation process.