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SDL MultiTerm Desktop 2015

SDL MultiTerm Desktop 2015

MultiTerm 2017 is coming soon!
Terminology management at your fingertips

Manage your global terminology with confidence

Do you spend a lot of time researching the accepted vocabulary to use? Do you find the quality of your translation is impacted by inconsistent product or brand terminology? Do you often notice discrepancies in critical words and phrases?

SDL MultiTerm is SDL's terminology management tool used worldwide by content owners, project managers, reviewers and translators to ensure consistency in terminology across all content types and languages. It can be used as a standalone desktop tool to create terminology databases and glossaries or with SDL Trados Studio to improve overall translation quality and efficiency.

Ensures accuracy, consistency and quality in translation

  • Integrate with SDL Trados Studio and boost efficiency by applying powerful search
    capabilities and terminology tools
  • Store unlimited number of terms in unlimited languages to enable you to manage
    the terminology for any translation project, no matter what size.

Increases productivity in translation

  • Quickly and easily identify the correct term to use in the correct context with searchable term dictionaries and glossaries. Check the meaning or translation of a word in real time as you translate
  • Customize your termbase to your needs, adding descriptive fields and references to provide more information about the term thereby saving on research time
  • Insert digital media files such as images, sounds or video and hyperlinks to URLs and other terms to give an extra dimension to your termbase.

Helps provide consistent source content for accurate translation

  • MultiTerm’s integration with authoring tools means that the source content is ready for you to translate with consistent terminology
  • Import and export terms from different technology environments, such as Microsoft® Excel, as well as other terminology formats such as the XML standard formats of TBX (TermBase eXchange) and OLIF means that you can easily share and work with existing terminology data.

Whitepaper: Managing terminology with MultiTerm

Discover best practices to efficiently combine terminology in all languages into one database with MultiTerm.

Automated terminology extraction with SDL MultiTerm Extract

Use SDL MultiTerm Extract alongside SDL MultiTerm to build termbases using automated terminology extraction.

Create monolingual or bilingual terms and custom glossaries quickly by extracting suggested terms directly from existing documents and translation memories.

New functionality in MultiTerm 2015

  • MultiTerm 2015 brings a new project feature 'Settings Template' offering the capability to save and restore different terminology management settings, for example languages and different filters for a particular termbase that can be shared
  • Support of additional languages in line with Windows 8.1/10
  • This newly enhanced version of the terminology software has a refreshed look with flat icons and allows customization of your ribbon for improved efficiency while you're translating.