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Empower yourself.
Energize your business.
Excite your clients.

We would like to help you empower yourself, energize your business and excite your clients, so we invited some of the best localization professionals, business development and personal wellbeing coaches to give us their expert opinion and tips on improving the professional health, wealth and happiness of translators.

We have grouped together our contributors’ guidance under three ‘how to’ sections: 'Marketing advice', 'Practical tips', 'Impress potential clients' and we’ve added some 'Personal wellbeing' content to the side-bar of this page to encourage you to take some time out to think about your health and general wellbeing. 

Marketing advice

How to create a marketing plan for your freelance translation business

Tess Whitty, author of the “Marketing Cookbook for Translators” provides a template to create a short marketing plan to help you get more or better clients and to stand out among your competitors.


How to break into the direct to client market

Corinne McKay looks at how to create and implement a direct client acquisition plan from the ground up - including how to find direct clients to target, how to make contact with them and more!


Digital marketing strategies for freelance translators

During this webinar, Corinne McKay discusses ways to create an appealing online presence without spending a lot of time or money.


How to set-up your own freelance translation website


The freelance translators' guide to using LinkedIn


Grow your freelance translation business with Twitter

Practical tips

Pricing strategies for translators and interpreters

Topics discussed include: overview of demand and supply, the business case against free translation tests, surcharges, adjustments for inflation and more


Typing tips for translators

By the end of this webinar, you’ll have picked up some tips to help make 2016 the year you improve your typing skills!


Ten habits of highly successful translators

Judy Jenner outlines ten habits that any linguist must have to succeed in the marketplace.


Ramping up your freelance translation business

Marian S. Greenfield discusses how to take your business to the next level...


How to set freelance translation rates

Marian S. Greenfield looks at how you can determine a workable range of rates that will help you achieve your earning goals.


Habits of highly successful translators

Judy Jenner discusses some habits that will help any linguist succeed in the industry

How to impress clients

How do LSPs select freelance translators for projects?

Mark Robinson, Managing Director of a successful LSP - Alexika - considers the need for a professional approach, academic background, specific language skills and more.


How to write an attention grabbing resume for translation agencies

Corinne McKay looks at what to include (and what to leave out) of your resume in order to catch a potential client's attention.

Personal wellbeing

Desk Yoga with Chloe Watts

Chloe Watts - qualified yoga instructor, with almost a decade of experience working in the fitness industry - has created 9 short 'yoga at your desk' videos for freelance translators, to help keep you supple and healthy.


Exercise your way through the year

Sara Colombo - qualified Italian (native) EN FR SP translator and interpreter with more than 8 years of experience in health & fitness - outlines 5 reasons why exercise can positively help you and your freelance business flourish.