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Best practice business tips designed to make the difference

Ways to help you grow and enhance your translation agency business

The localization sector is growing fast and competition for business is fierce. So differentiating your offering is more important than ever. We've had a fresh look at some of the core business areas that can make the difference, and over the coming weeks we will add a host of resources to help you be more effective with your time and set your business apart in this highly competitive sector.

You will learn how to: 

  • Use social media to enhance your business without spending hours browsing and posting 
  • Build productive relationships with your freelance contacts and avoid the usual pitfalls
  • Improve your sales strategy with quick ways to grow sales and gain new business
  • Regain control of your time with these top tips and best practices on time management

Stand out from the crowd
- how LSPs can increase sales and attract new customers

Grow sales 470x270Gaining new business in such a competitive market can be a real challenge for LSPs. When time is at a premium, it is often hard to find ways to differentiate your business and promote the value that it provides.

Jessica Rathke, localization sales specialist, has put together a webinar and blog on how to support sales growth. From ways to differentiate your offering to changing the way you speak to clients, Jessica will provide the practical advice you need to help grow your business.

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Expert profile

Jessica Rathke circle 174x174Jessica Rathke has over 24 years of localization sales, sales management and marketing experience for leading LSPs. She is currently Managing Director at Localisation Sales & Marketing, a London-based sales training consultancy. Having trained translation sales professionals in over 40 countries, her self-developed sales training courses are designed to help LSPs increase revenue and profitability.

Jessica holds an MBA and Bachelors of Arts degrees in Foreign Affairs and German from Miami University in Ohio, USA. She also did post-graduate studies in German at the University of Salzburg. Jessica is currently serving as Chapter Manager for Women in Localization UK.

Building successful relationships with freelancers

In the high-pressure translation industry, a good working relationship with external providers is crucial, but with 91% of LSPs working with remote teams, it can be a challenge. 

So, how do you build and maintain good working relationships with your freelancers?  To find out we talked to Mark and Marie-Odile who told us about their experience of working together. Read our blog for their views on the qualities that are important for a good working relationship and how they tackled the challenges provided by a demanding project.

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In conversation

Mark CheethamMark Cheetham is Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of SwissGlobal Language Services AG. SwissGlobal is a globally-oriented Swiss language services provider, offering a comprehensive suite of high quality specialized solutions, with focus on security and confidentiality.

Marie-Odile DomzalskiMarie-Odile Domzalski is a freelance localization professional working from German and English into French. She specializes in the Swiss translation market and delivers high quality translation and proofreading work thanks to her expertise in CorpCom, legal and the medical field.

Social media - how to get your business noticed

social media 470x300Whether you're just getting started or already running with social media, we offer advice on how to do this effectively to minimize time and effort and get the best results. 

Join our Social Media Marketing Manager, Dan Lifton on a webinar and read his blog for ideas on how to use social media to enhance your business. 

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Expert profile

Dan Lifton

Daniel Lifton is the Social Media Marketing Executive at SDL and has a degree in PR and Communications.

Daniel specialises in creating and curating social media content and building online relationships to help translators, LSPs and corporate translation departments learn more about SDL translation technology.

More ways to make the difference coming soon…

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