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Over 225,000 translators and 80% of the localization community trust SDL’s industry-leading translation software. We've been in the language business for 30 years and we understand what matters most to language professionals. Whether you're an individual translator, work for a language service provider or a corporate department we're the perfect fit for all your technology needs.

Individual Translator

I am a Freelance Translator looking for translation software that helps me translate faster, maintain quality translations, reduce admin and accept more work from clients.

Language Service Provider

I work for a Language Service Provider and I need desktop or server-based translation solutions to project manage my company’s localization processes.

Corporate Department

I work for a Corporation and I need a translation solution that empowers my localization team to deliver high quality multilingual content quickly and efficiently.

Who are SDL?

SDL's language products help you to work in the translation supply chain through guaranteed compatibility, meaning that it has never been easier to work with your customers and other users of our software.

From translation memory productivity tools, such as SDL Trados Studio for the individual translator to project management software for translator teams, from translation management solutions to cloud-based machine translation. This is the unique SDL Language Platform.

A 90 second introduction to SDL's language solutions.